UnMEAT, the newest 100% plant-based burger, today proclaims the next meat-flavored burger may be more unbelievable than the category’s predecessors. unMEAT launches from Century Pacific Food, Inc., an established global food brand based in the Philippines with a history of successful global products. Unlike its counterparts, this product has two distinct differences—unMEAT believes plant-based burgers should not cost 30-40% more than traditional meat burgers, and consumers should be familiar with the ingredients on the label.

UnMEAT is made with non-GMO plant-based ingredients, with zero cholesterol and trans-fat, while offering a healthy source of protein and fiber. More important, its ingredients include soy protein, vegetable oil, onion, wheat, salt, vinegar, and soy sauce.

The plant-based market is fast-growing, estimated to be valued at $20 billion globally and growing at least 15% annually. Moreover, studies show that nearly 50% of consumers are flexitarians or individuals who increasingly consume plant-based foods, while still eating animal products in moderation.

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The Philippines is a nation of carnivores. It counts among its national dishes lechon — roasted suckling pig — and sisig, which is made from chopped pig parts and chicken liver.

But Century Pacific Food, one of the country’s biggest food groups, recently launched unMEAT, a vegan product available as patties, sausages, nuggets, or giniling (ground beef).

By paying heed to consumer tastes in its native country of 110m people, the Manila-listed family company sustained double-digit growth through the sharp economic slowdown caused by the pandemic.

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Century Pacific Food, owner of Century tuna and one of the biggest fish and dairy producers in the Philippines, has rolled out unMEAT, its new range of plant-based meat alternatives. Nicole Ponseca of New York Filipino Gastropub Jeepney and winner of the Time Out New York Battle of the Burger, is serving the first unMeat burgers in the US.

Explains Ponseca, “We have seen some incredible flavor profiles enter the market and completely disrupt it, and I think unMEAT is only going to further that disruption.”

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This is the latest meat substitute that looks, tastes and prices like real meat. Century Pacific Foods Inc. (CNPF), one of Philippines largest food companies, has launched its latest brand: unMEAT, a 100% plant meat that is made with simple ingredients.

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It’s a generally accepted notion that eating healthy means skipping great-tasting food.

Not anymore. Now it’s completely possible to enjoy the best of both worlds as Century Pacific Food Inc. (CNPF), one of the largest branded food companies in the Philippines, unveils its newest brand: unMEAT, a 100% plant-based meat, made tasty from simple ingredients.

“One of the biggest concerns about plant-based foods is that they are not delicious or as pleasing to the palate as real meat,” notes Nikki Dizon, a Senior Executive at CNPF. “But our Nutrition Science team took that as a challenge, and completely delivered by coming up with a meat alternative that unbelievably and undeniably looks, feels, and tastes like meat. Moreover, they made unMEAT using simple ingredients and extracted the nutrients from real food rather than synthetic compounds so it’s healthier and more affordable”

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LISTED food products maker Century Pacific Food, Inc. has introduced a 100% plant-based food line called “unMEAT” that caters to consumers who are choosing a healthier diet.

“The launch of the new plant-based range is in response to the expanding consumer preference for a healthier diet, partly triggered by the pandemic when people aimed to eat healthy to boost their immune system,” the company said in a press release.

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MANILA, Philippines — Century Pacific Food Inc. (CNPF)  is looking to invest up to P200 million for a production facility for its plant-based food product brand unMEAT.

CNPF general manager Nikki Dizon yesterday said the firm may spend “P100 million to P200 million depending on the volume outlook.”

She said the firm wants to build the production facility close to where its current plants are.

“We’ve made capacity available in order for us to produce the four current variants and because we really are invested and we really want to go global and expand into more formats, we are seriously looking at investing in a facility that is dedicated for these plant-based products that can accommodate innovations,” she said.

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Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF) continues to promote unMEAT, its range of 100 percent plant-based meat products, in the hopes of tapping into the food’s growing global market.

The firm said in a statement that its new plant-based range is in response to the expanding consumer preference for a healthier diet, partly triggered by the pandemic when people aimed to eat healthy to boost their immune system.

The plant-based market is estimated to be valued at$20 billion globally, growing at least 15 percent annually. Moreover, studies show that close to 50 percent of consumers, especially in developed markets are flexitarians or individuals who increasingly consume plant-based foods while still eating animal products in moderation.

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MANILA - Century Pacific Food Inc on Wednesday said it unveiled its 100 percent plant-based and meat-free product line to meet the growing demand from health and fitness enthusiasts.

The "unMEAT" product line includes meat-free burger patties, Hungarian sausages, nuggets and giniling or minced meat, Century Pacific said in a disclosure to the stock exchange.

The line up of plant-based products retail for P120 to P135 per pack, it added.

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MANILA, Philippines — With the rise of pork holidays in the Philippines, one might want to consider taking a vacay from meat altogether.

Leading branded food company Century Pacific Food Incorporated (CNPF) has perfected its newest brand “unMEAT,” a completely plant-based meat alternative made using simple but nutritious ingredients.

unMEAT comes in four variants: Burger Patties, Giniling (minced meat), Hungarian Sausages and Nuggets. It is touted to be rich in fiber and protein, as well as free of cholesterol, trans fat, egg and dairy.

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