Our Why

A tasty and satisfyingly way to eat heathy!

unMEAT is a plant-based protein designed to look,cook, feel and taste like meat without the meat! All with the goodness of non-gmo soy protein that's tasty, juicy and tender to the bite. It's a new and delightful way to be healthy that's made available and accessible to all wellness aspirers.
High in Fiber
High Source of Protein
No Preservatives Added
Trans Fat-Free Burger
Cholesterol-Free Burger

A Step Closer To A More Responsible & Sustainable Future

CENTURY PACIFIC FOOD INC, a known company in manufacturing protein goods, now has set its foot in a timely and relevant category by launching the unMEAT brand. Equipped with the ambition to nourish and delight every consumer, unMEAT is a valuable addition to the company's brand and product portfolio. It comes in four tasty & exciting 100% plant-based options that can be cycle through the week – burger patties, sausages, giniling (crumbles) and, yes, even nuggets!

More importantly, sustainability is necessary for a brighter tomorrow. Whether it's providing healthier and affordable food options that are good for you and the environment and being great stewards of Mother Nature and our natural resources, it is in our best interest to make a difference.

This first step will lead us closer to a better future, and now we're taking the next ones together with the world.
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