Is unMEAT healthy?

unMEAT is 100% plant-based and non-GMO. It has a lot of GOOD to offer! It is a source of fiber and protein and with no preservatives added! It's trans-fat free, egg-free and cholesterol-free food too!

How do you make products that look, cook, and taste like animal-based meat?

Our process is simple! We mix plant protein and natural flavors together and layer in fiber and binders to create that juicy texture. We freeze the patties to lock in flavors and freshness for a delightful and enjoyable meat-free experience everytime!

What does unMEAT taste like?

unMEAT is made to look, feel and taste like meat less the guilt! So that you can have a healthy and satisfyingly tasty way to enjoy your favorite dishes. unMEAT is 100% Plant-based and is absolutely Vegan-friendly!

Is unMEAT already seasoned?

Yes, it's already seasoned! Made delicious using natural flavors so you can just thaw it, cook it and enjoy!
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